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Family Rights Party

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General Purpose Committee

A committee is a “ General Purpose Committee” if it's principal activity is supporting or opposing a variety of candidates or measures voted on in different elections.  (FPPC Regulation 18227.5)

WE, members of The Family Rights Party, do hereby CONFIRM and ADOPT the following:


Vision Statement

Family Rights are Fundamental Rights and all Families deserve the right to fair and equal treatment in all judicial, legislative,  and community environments.  These truths are self-evident.  We envision a wholesome approach to empower and enable families their Fundamental Rights to be free; while promoting positive parenting and family involvement in the education, growth, and development of every child, and ensure that these protections are forever maintained, to the best of our ability.

Mission Statement


The Family Rights Party is a political committee that is focused on supporting laws and candidates that ensure priorities on parents’ and families’ fundamental rights and values.

We feel everyone should have fair, upfront, and honest access to legal the system. We are against the ideology that constitutional rights are applied only to criminal cases and not to family law cases.  We are also against the judiciary creating exhaustive court rules ultimately preventing people from understanding the legal system and justice going un-served.

Family Rights Party!

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